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Hook’s Heroes Internet Casino Game

You wanna get out on the high seas, you wanna break from work or trading online at ig, you scurvy devil, and enjoy the swashbuckling action of real online casino games? Do you want to thrust your cutlass between your teeth, swing to dry land, and dig for the booty of a five-reel, three-row, and 20-line video slot machine? Argh, then you’ve come to the right place! Hook’s Heroes as well as king kong fury 2020 is a NetEnt game that could play at free spins casino casinojefe casino or the widely popular bitcoin casino named Simple casino. This casino game will really give you the chance to feel like a true treasure seeker on a wild adventure. Klik hier voor meer informatie over gratis gokkasten and you can click here for more information regarding online casino bonuses.

Hook’s Heroes Casino Game Theme

True adventure and wild treasures await anyone looking to tackle the Caribbean pirate and Neverland theme of Hook’s Heroes! You’ll see pirate ships taking pot shots at each other, incredible sword fights, gold doubloons by the score, squawking pirates demanding their fair share, and much more in this fantastic and well-designed game. The theme is fully on display with the high-quality graphics and sounds typical of NetEnt.

For example, you’ll be assembling a crew of swarthy pirates to find Peter Pan and bring him to justice for all of his crimes against Captain Hook. That’s right: you’re the bad guy in this game and the graphics love it. Everything has that unique pirate feel that you can’t get anywhere else and which makes this game so much fun to play.

The sound follows suit with whooping pirates, plenty of arghs, the shots of cannons bursting on the shores, lusty battle cries, and the clang of steel-on-steel as pirates fight for their claim of the treasure. You’ll also hear the mocking laughs of Peter Pan as he slips outside of your reach again or the buzz of fairies around your head as the slots roll.

Betting Options and Other Functions
With Peter Pan just outside of your reach and pirates dipping into your stash, you can’t take the time to learn difficult or complex controls. Thankfully, Hook’s Heroes keeps the simple and streamlined NetEnt approach to betting. You can increase your bet value, the number of lines on which you want to bet, and even use autoplay mode. Nothing too fancy, but easy to use and fun to control.

Hook’s Heroes Casino Video Slot Features
Beyond the basic gameplay of Hook’s Heroes are a variety of fun bonuses that help it stand out from the crowd. For example, there are multiple bonus games which you can activate with the fairy scatter symbols that help expand the game and make it more immersive. Getting into this game fully requires understanding these games and how to maximize your winnings.

These include Wild Captain Hook, the use of a Fairy Feature to increase your winnings, a Mermaid Feature that spices up the multipliers, a Pirate Feature that adds cash, and various free spins. Fully understanding these games requires loading up the game yourself and experiencing the fun of being a pirate.

Our Take on  the Hook’s Heroes Casino Game
The idea of switching roles and making players engage with Captain Hook against Peter Pan was a stroke of genius. Combined with the excellent thematic consistency, the fun animations, the catchy music, and the fun of winning treasure makes this a game that the average online casino fan can’t afford to miss. Click on the link above to get started today!

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Go Bananas Online Casino Game

Monkeys are rapscallions that love bananas and playing tricks on their human relatives. Few people have ever experienced the fun of playing with them in the real world, but Go Bananas! gives them the chance to do just that. In this five-reel, three-row, and 20-line game, you will play with a variety of different symbols, including various Wild monkey symbols to win big bucks. Playable at leovegas casino informatie, BGO Casino, or Mr. Green which currently has a great casino free spins no deposit bonus featuring the Go Bananas casinos lot game. The Go Bananas slot machine utilizes a fun and tropical theme to keep you having fun for ages.

Go Bananas! Casino Game Theme
NetEnt always does the little things well with presentation and Go Bananas! is no different. There is a fun tree house backdrop, various fruits and gems hanging from the trees, and goofy monkeys having a fun time running around the screen. There aren’t many of the 3D animations which have been a staple of NetEnt for ages, but the graphics are smooth and enjoyable.

What is particularly fun with this game is the way the monkeys react to your wins and loses. They might laugh a little when you win or even act dejectedly. This is typical of the rather unpredictable monkey. However, they’ll clap and cheer when you win, giving you a nice impetus for continuing to play long after you were giving up hope of winning.

The soundtrack is what you would expect from a game like this: a lot of light tropical music, monkey hoots, tingling coin sounds, and other immersive concepts. While not among the catchiest or most well-designed musical concepts created by NetEnt, Go Bananas! is still a major winner based on its fun graphics and well-integrated theme.

Betting Options and Other Functions
Don’t worry about the monkeys messing up your game play: control is very easy here. In fact, those who have played a NetEnt game before already know what they’re up for with this game. Multiple betting options (from 0.01 to 0.50 per reel) and an easy-to-master interface puts control right in the palm of your hands. This kind of streamlined approach is typical of NetEnt and their games, so we’re not surprised to see it here.

Go Bananas! Online Slot Machine Features
Those who love the bonus games and free spin modes of other NetEnt games are going to be disappointed with Go Bananas! It lacks both of these features, making it a bit more streamlined when compared with their other games. Don’t let this bring you down too much, though, as they still integrated some great wild symbols into the game.

In fact, these wild symbols are the savior of the game. As there are five different wild monkey symbols to use, winning is a lot easier than you’d expect. While the payouts are typically a little lower than other machines, you’ll win more frequently, balancing out your personal investment in a fair way.

Our Take on Go Bananas! Casino Video Slot
The lack of bonus games and a decrease in vivid animations are really the only downsides of this fun game. It is particularly fun for those who love monkeys and want to experience them in an online gaming experience. Click on the link above to play it in either free play mode or in real mode. The latter mode lets you play for real money, raising the stakes just a little.

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The Glow Online Casino Game

Living in the Great White North exposes you to a world of beauty and wonder. For those who don’t live there or have never even visited, NetEnt has created Glow. This simple game focuses on emulating the atmosphere and spiritual elements of this area in an enthralling manner. Try it out at NetEnt, Mr. Green, or BGO Casino to see just how much fun it can be!

Glow Casino Game Theme
In this five-reel and 15-line game, the theme is focused heavily on the Northern Lights. These fascinating burst of light are unique to the extreme north and south of the globe and are as fascinating to behold as they are mysterious to the average person. You’ll see these lights burst around you as you play, creating an atmosphere of magic and mystery.

Beyond these lights will be a variety of wildlife, such as bears, wolves, reindeer, mountain cats, rabbits, and even owls. These animals have been imbued with the mysterious energy of the Northern Lights, and take on a unique glow that makes them eye-catching and exciting. For such a simple theme, NetEnt went the extra mile with presentation.

The sound is simple, but enjoyable. You’ll hear some winter wind, soft and gentle electronic music, the sound of the spins, the clang of tumbling coins, and the murmur of the watching animals. All the symbols in this game are gorgeous and many are animal-based. Lining them up properly can win as much as 1,000x your initial bet! So get ready to invest a little in this exciting game.

Betting Options and Other Functions
Control is simple in Glow. Click on the + and – symbols near the Bet Amount area to increase or decrease your bet or save time by clicking Maximum Bet. Increase your number of lines to boost your chances of winning. NetEnt has a streamlined control and betting approach that makes it easy to enjoy just about any of their games immediately.

Glow Features
The biggest features of this game is the Free Spin mode that is activated when you match up certain animals. For example, matching Reindeer awards one 1-5 spins, while other animal matches award about three or so. Remember, there are many animal symbols in this game alongside the other generic letters and numbers, making it important to match them up just right.

Whenever you get free spins, any prizes award during them are doubled. This is a change-up from other NetEnt games that will triple your win with free spins. That said, free spins are more common in this game, helping to balance out the difference and giving you the chance to maximize your winnings.

Our Take on Glow Online Video Slot
We really liked this simple game. The theme is pretty unique among NetEnt games and it is explored in the typically fun and exciting manner NetEnt has perfected by this point. So if you want to experience the mystery of the Northern Lights, try this one out today by clicking on the link above. You won’t regret it.

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FairyTale Legends: Red Riding Hood Casino Game

Little Red Riding Hood is a fantastic fairy tale that tells the story of a young girl and her experience with a dangerous wolf. She wins in the end, and hopefully you will too with this fun and engaging NetEnt casino game. Available there, at Mr. Green, and even BGO Casino, you can experience the joy of this fairy tale in a fun and exciting way.

FairyTale Legends Casino Game Theme
You are Little Red Riding Hood and you are exploring the forest, meeting beautiful fairies, experiencing a world of wonder, all while trying to get to your grandma’s house and avoid the Big Bad Wolf. Phew! Talk about a stressful day! Thankfully, she always wins in the end against the clever, but not too clever, wolf and gets to have fun at her grandmas houses.

The backdrop of this game is unique in the way it creates a fairytale atmosphere. You’ll see constantly rotating hilltops and clouds that showcases the travels you are undergoing while looking for your grandma. As a result, it is easy to get caught in moment in this game and feel like you are really on your way to take on a huge and scary wolf.

The graphics and soundtrack of this game are phenomenal. Everything has a well-drawn and cartoonish feel that makes this game a joy to explore and fascinating to experience. You’ll hear sounds of footsteps, the growl of the wolf, the cheer of Little Red Riding Hood when she wins, and the jingle of coins falling as you collect your winnings.

Betting Options and Other Functions
Ever played any other NetEnt game? Good! You’ll have no trouble controlling this game or understanding its betting options. Betting ranges from 0.20 to 200 credit games, making this one of the higher-rolling games in the NetEnt library. Bet all the lines to increase your chances of winning and saving your poor grandma.

FairyTale Legends Casino Slot Features
Winning in this game has never been easier with all the bonus features. There are random fairy creatures that you can activate to transform the reel into a symbol that increases your chances of a bigger combination. Hitting one of these makes your game a little more exciting and increases your payouts almost exponentially.

Even better is the bonus game activated by getting at least three treasure chest scatters on the board. It will increase your free spins to 10, increase your current bet, and re-trigger a new spin. The Beware the Wolf bonus will increase your multipliers and give you the chance to beat that Big Bad Wolf once and for all!

Our Take on FairyTale Legends Online Casino Game
This game is adorable. From the detailed graphics, to the fun music, and the cute symbols, it’s hard not to fall in love with it. Thankfully it ventures beyond mere cute and functions as a great and unforgettable online gaming experience. Try it out!

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