FairyTale Legends: Red Riding Hood Casino Game

Little Red Riding Hood is a fantastic fairy tale that tells the story of a young girl and her experience with a dangerous wolf. She wins in the end, and hopefully you will too with this fun and engaging NetEnt casino game. Available there, at Mr. Green, and even BGO Casino, you can experience the joy of this fairy tale in a fun and exciting way.

FairyTale Legends Casino Game Theme
You are Little Red Riding Hood and you are exploring the forest, meeting beautiful fairies, experiencing a world of wonder, all while trying to get to your grandma’s house and avoid the Big Bad Wolf. Phew! Talk about a stressful day! Thankfully, she always wins in the end against the clever, but not too clever, wolf and gets to have fun at her grandmas houses.

The backdrop of this game is unique in the way it creates a fairytale atmosphere. You’ll see constantly rotating hilltops and clouds that showcases the travels you are undergoing while looking for your grandma. As a result, it is easy to get caught in moment in this game and feel like you are really on your way to take on a huge and scary wolf.

The graphics and soundtrack of this game are phenomenal. Everything has a well-drawn and cartoonish feel that makes this game a joy to explore and fascinating to experience. You’ll hear sounds of footsteps, the growl of the wolf, the cheer of Little Red Riding Hood when she wins, and the jingle of coins falling as you collect your winnings.

Betting Options and Other Functions
Ever played any other NetEnt game? Good! You’ll have no trouble controlling this game or understanding its betting options. Betting ranges from 0.20 to 200 credit games, making this one of the higher-rolling games in the NetEnt library. Bet all the lines to increase your chances of winning and saving your poor grandma.

FairyTale Legends Casino Slot Features
Winning in this game has never been easier with all the bonus features. There are random fairy creatures that you can activate to transform the reel into a symbol that increases your chances of a bigger combination. Hitting one of these makes your game a little more exciting and increases your payouts almost exponentially.

Even better is the bonus game activated by getting at least three treasure chest scatters on the board. It will increase your free spins to 10, increase your current bet, and re-trigger a new spin. The Beware the Wolf bonus will increase your multipliers and give you the chance to beat that Big Bad Wolf once and for all!

Our Take on FairyTale Legends Online Casino Game
This game is adorable. From the detailed graphics, to the fun music, and the cute symbols, it’s hard not to fall in love with it. Thankfully it ventures beyond mere cute and functions as a great and unforgettable online gaming experience. Try it out!

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