The Glow Online Casino Game

Living in the Great White North exposes you to a world of beauty and wonder. For those who don’t live there or have never even visited, NetEnt has created Glow. This simple game focuses on emulating the atmosphere and spiritual elements of this area in an enthralling manner. Try it out at NetEnt, Mr. Green, or BGO Casino to see just how much fun it can be!

Glow Casino Game Theme
In this five-reel and 15-line game, the theme is focused heavily on the Northern Lights. These fascinating burst of light are unique to the extreme north and south of the globe and are as fascinating to behold as they are mysterious to the average person. You’ll see these lights burst around you as you play, creating an atmosphere of magic and mystery.

Beyond these lights will be a variety of wildlife, such as bears, wolves, reindeer, mountain cats, rabbits, and even owls. These animals have been imbued with the mysterious energy of the Northern Lights, and take on a unique glow that makes them eye-catching and exciting. For such a simple theme, NetEnt went the extra mile with presentation.

The sound is simple, but enjoyable. You’ll hear some winter wind, soft and gentle electronic music, the sound of the spins, the clang of tumbling coins, and the murmur of the watching animals. All the symbols in this game are gorgeous and many are animal-based. Lining them up properly can win as much as 1,000x your initial bet! So get ready to invest a little in this exciting game.

Betting Options and Other Functions
Control is simple in Glow. Click on the + and – symbols near the Bet Amount area to increase or decrease your bet or save time by clicking Maximum Bet. Increase your number of lines to boost your chances of winning. NetEnt has a streamlined control and betting approach that makes it easy to enjoy just about any of their games immediately.

Glow Features
The biggest features of this game is the Free Spin mode that is activated when you match up certain animals. For example, matching Reindeer awards one 1-5 spins, while other animal matches award about three or so. Remember, there are many animal symbols in this game alongside the other generic letters and numbers, making it important to match them up just right.

Whenever you get free spins, any prizes award during them are doubled. This is a change-up from other NetEnt games that will triple your win with free spins. That said, free spins are more common in this game, helping to balance out the difference and giving you the chance to maximize your winnings.

Our Take on Glow Online Video Slot
We really liked this simple game. The theme is pretty unique among NetEnt games and it is explored in the typically fun and exciting manner NetEnt has perfected by this point. So if you want to experience the mystery of the Northern Lights, try this one out today by clicking on the link above. You won’t regret it.

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